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1998 Parallel CFD Conference Papers Due

m a y   1 1 - 1 4,   1 9 9 8
h s i n c h u,   t a i w a n
Organized by National Center for High-Performance Computing
a n d
National Tsing Hua University

Parallel CFD Test Case
Although there are many benchmark programs that intend to test the performance of parallel systems - e.g. latency or bandwidth - there are little real world applications or kernels that give a closer understanding of the performance of a systems when it comes to real work. Parallel CFD'98 Workshop, Project Description, Written Documentation, Source Code, CFD Test Case Description, and call for participation can be found here.

Papers for the 1998 Parallel CFD Conference Proceeding:
Due August 1, 1998

For authors using LaTeX: Please note that the Elsevier camera-ready document style has been updated;
the new version is number 2.6 dated 24/11/94 (to be used with LaTex version 2.09 dated 14/01/92 or later).
Please send in your request by email (quoting the publishers' reference) and it will be sent to you.
Your original final paper (plus one additional copy), which should not exceed 8 pages in length,
together with the completed offprint orderform and copyright transfer form, should be (air)mailed to:

Jilian Cheng
Secretariat, 10th Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics
Tze-Chiang Foundation of Science and Technology
101, Sec. 2, Kuang Fu Road
Hsinchu, TAIWAN 300

TEL: +886 (3) 5735521 ext. 223
FAX: +886 (3) 5716782

to arrive no later than 1st August, 1998.

All queries relating to the scientific content, submission date and/or page llimit should be referred to
the secretariat at the above address.

For copies of Elsevier instruction, offprint order form and copyright transfer forms, these can be obtained
by contacting Jillian Cheng at the following email address:

The conference proceedings will be published by Elsevier Science B.V. Copies will be mailed to participants around the middle of January 1999.

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m a y   1 1 - 1 4,   1 9 9 8
h s i n c h u,   t a i w a n
Previous Conferences were held at:
1 9 8 9   Manhattan Beach, California
1 9 9 0   Indianapolis, Indiana
1 9 9 1   Stuttgart, Germany
1 9 9 2   New Brunswick, New Jersey
1 9 9 3   Paris, France
1 9 9 4   Kyoto, Japan
1 9 9 5   Pasadena, California
1 9 9 6   Capri, Italy
1 9 9 7   Manchester, England

Conference Objectives:
This conference is a widely acknowledged annual event that provides a unique forum dedicated to the discussion of recent developments and applications of Parallel Computing in Computational Fluid Dynamics and related disciplines.

Application Areas:
These will include, but will not be limited to: reacting flows, rarefied gas flows, multiphase flows, turbulent flows, LES, DNS, hypersonic re-entry problems, multiphysics problems, aerodynamic flows, climate & ocean modeling, multidisciplinary applications, parallel computing in aeronautics, astronautics, mechanical engineering, vehicle design, and water resources & environmental engineering.

Complementary Application Areas:
CFD simulations on parallel computers require the support of many complimentary disciplines. The Organizing Committee would therefore welcome contributions on recent advances in any of the following, or related applications areas: parallel and sequential grid partition techniques, parallel grid generation, multiblock applications, dynamic load balancing, parallel visualization of fluid flows, parallel implicit schemes, parallel multigrid techniques, parallel unstructured solvers, ...

Preliminary Invited Speaker Program:
P. J. van der Houwen, Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica
H. Kawamura, Science University of Tokyo
E. Krause, Aerodynamisches Institut der RWTH Aachen
J. L. Lions, College de France
K. Miura, Fujitsu Limited
P. Moin, Stanford University
V. Puoti, Italian Center for Aerospace Research (CIRA)
Y. Saad, The University of Minnesota
G. T. Yeh, The Pennsylvania State University

Conference Sponsors:
Hewlett-Packard Taiwan Ltd.
Howching Corporation
Dynatech Taiwan Corporation
Parametric Technology (Taiwan) Limited

Additional sponsorship has been requested from:

Conference Venue:
The conference will be held in the international conference rooms of National Center for High-Performance Computing (address: No.7, 6th R&D Road, Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu City). National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) is located in the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park (HSIP). The HSIP is situated between municipal Hsinchu and Hsinchu County, fifteen minutes by car or bus from the heart of the city. The Sun Yat-sen Freeway provides the principal means of access by highway. Travel time to Taipei, which is the principal city of northern Taiwan, is about an hour and a half, to the Chiang Kai-shek International Airport about forty minutes, and to the major harbors of Taichung (south of the Park) and Keelung (to the north) approximately two hours in each case.

The Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park was created to provide ideal fully integrated environment for investment in high-tech industries and employment and training of technically skilled personnel. Dedicated to the development of high-tech industries, the Park has also played an important role in the consolidation of subsidiary and support of enterprises.

The number of companies in the HSIP grew to 203 in 1996. HSIP companies are classified into six categories: integrated circuits; computers and peripherals; telecommunications; optoelectronics; precision machinery and materials; and biotechnology. HSIP firms' combined sales grew by an average 2% to reach US$11,564 million in 1996. Aggregate investment increased by 72% from 1995 to reach US$9,600 million by the end of 1996. The number of people working in the HSIP was 54,806 by the end of 1996. The proportion of employees with at least a junior or technical college education was 59%. HSIP workers' average age was 30 years.

In the HSIP's immediate vicinity are several academic and research institutions --
National Chiao Tung University,
National Tsing Hua University,
and the Industrial Technology Research Institute --
that can provide park firms with plentiful support in the areas of product R&D and personnel training.

A WWW page has been set up to allow for easy electronic registration. The page also contains details and links to find out about what's on in Hsinchu, accommodation available and about places to visit. The WWW address is:

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m a y   1 1 - 1 4,   1 9 9 8
h s i n c h u,   t a i w a n
Procedure for Abstract Submission:
Selection of papers and/or presentation for all areas and sessions will be based upon extended abstracts of no less than 1000 words. The extended abstracts must include:
  1. the name of the authors and their affiliations (email if possible)
  2. the purpose and scope of the work
  3. the contribution to the state of the art
  4. a clear and concise description of the numerics and physics
  5. a brief description of the architecture used
  6. results obtained to date
  7. a conclusion indicating results to be presented at the conference
In the case of multiple authors, clearly indicate which author should receive correspondence and who will be the presenter.

The deadline for submission is: February 7, 1998.
Notification of acceptance will be sent out by: March 1, 1998.

Full paper should be submitted by August 1, 1998. The conference proceedings will appear as part of a regular series of publications.

The preferred method for submission of extended abstracts is by email. To submit an abstract by email, please use the following instructions:
  1. Create a postscript file, e.g.
  2. Compress the postscript file using either compress or gzip i.e.
    • $ compress
    • $ gzip
  3. Uuencode the compressed file:
    • $ uuencode last_name.first_name > paper.uue
    • $ uuencode last_name.first_name > paper.uue
  4. Send paper.uue via:
    • $ mail < paper.uue
If electronic submission is not possible, abstract can be post to:
Pat Fox
799 W. Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5160, USA
Jacques Periaux
Dassault Aviation
78 Quai Marcel Dassault
92214 St-Cloud, France
C. A. Lin
Dept. of Power Mech. Engr.
National Tsing Hua University
Hsinchu 30043, TAIWAN

Instructions for Authors:
  • All manuscripts must be in English.
  • A4 paper format should be used. The technical contents, including: text, illustrations, and charts, must be kept within 8.75-inch column and 6.25-inch width on the sheet. Please include the page number on the sheets.
  • The text length of any page should not exceed 8.75 inches. Margins are of 1 inches on the sides, 1.5 inches on the top, with the author's name and affiliation beneath the title.
  • Text is to be typed single space in a single-column format. We suggest 12-point Times-Roman with 12-point interline spacing. The entire text should be justified - that is, the same length (flush left and flush right).

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m a y   1 1 - 1 4,   1 9 9 8
h s i n c h u,   t a i w a n
Registration can be done at the OFFICIAL PARCFD Site for PARCFD '98 at:

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m a y   1 1 - 1 4,   1 9 9 8
h s i n c h u,   t a i w a n
For Further Information:
Miss Jillian Cheng
PCFD' 98
Tze-Chiang Foundation of Science & Technology
101, Sec. 2, Kuang Fu Road,
Hsinchu, Taiwan 300, R.O.C.
Tel. +886 (3) 573 5521 ext.233
Fax  +886 (3) 571 6782

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m a y   1 1 - 1 4,   1 9 9 8
h s i n c h u,   t a i w a n

The Conference Organizer has reserved a specially priced block of rooms at the Hsinchu Chinatrust Hotel, 106 Chung Yang Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Call +(886) 3 5263181 or Fax +(886) 3 5269244 for reservations. Room rates are NT$2700 (~US$97) for singles and NT$3000 (~US$107) for doubles. Breakfast is included. Please specify in advance the time and date of arrival and departure, and identify yourself as a Parallel CFD Conference participant. These rooms will be held for Parallel CFD Conference until April 25, 1998, then released for use by the general public.

From Chiang Kai-shek International Airport to the Chinatrust Hotel is about 40 minutes drive. The attendees can take a taxi (it costs about NT$1300 or ~US$46) to reach the Chinatrust Hotel. Or you can ask the shuttle service when you make a reservation from the Chinatrust Hotel.

Local Social Events:
The conference registration fee includes a local tour to National Palace Museum, with the world's largest collection of Chinese art, spanning China's 5,000-year history. Optional spouse programs will be provided during the conference period. The post-conference tours are available on request.

Welcome to Taiwan:
Taiwan is situated in the Pacific Ocean about 160 kilometers (100 miles) from the southeastern coast of the Chinese mainland. Located about midway between Korea and Japan to the north and Hong Kong and the Philippines to the south. Taiwan is a natural gateway for travelers to and within Asia.

Taiwan's climate is subtropical, with an average annual temperature of 22 degrees Centigrade (72 degrees Fahrenheit) in the north and 24 degrees Centigrade (75 degrees Fahrenheit) in the south. The monsoon season, known in Chinese as "plum rains", is May and June. It typically heralds the start of summer, which lasts from May through September. The average temperature and relative humidity in May are about 25 degrees Centigrade (77 degrees Fahrenheit) and 84 percent, respectively. Visitors should wear lightweight clothing during conference period.

The national language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese, though other dialects, such as Taiwanese, are spoken as well. Many people can speak some English, which is the most widely studied foreign language.

The New Taiwan Dollar (NT$) is Taiwan's official currency. The exchange rate in recent months is approximately NT$28 for US$1.

Visa is required for foreign-passport holders. However, if your passport and the length of your stay satisfy the following terms, no visa is required:
  • you are holding a passport from Japan, USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, or Portugal; and
  • your passport is valid for more than 6 months; and
  • the length of your stay is less than 14 days.
Visa can be obtained from Taiwan's embassies, consulates or designated presentative offices. Please check with travel agent concerning necessary procedures. If you have difficulties to get visa, please feel free to contact us through the provided window - (contact).

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m a y   1 1 - 1 4,   1 9 9 8
h s i n c h u,   t a i w a n
Asian Managing Committee:
Chairman: S. C. Chang, NCHC
C. A. Lin, NTHU (Technical Program) N. Satofuka, Kyoto Institute of Technology
W. F. Tsai, NCHC  C. Yap, Singapore University
Chairman: S. C. Chang, NCHC

Scientific and Organizing Committee:
Chairman: K. W. Wu, NCHC - C. A. Lin, NTHU
R. K. Argarwal, Wichita State University R. Blech, NASA Lewis
B. Chetveruskin, Russian Academy A. Ecer, IUPUI
D. R. Emerson, CLRC D. Keyes, Old Dominion University
P. Fox, IUPUI A. Geiger, RUS
J. Hauser, CLES C. Jenssen, SINTEF
P. Leca, ONERA D. McCarthy, Boeing
R. Pelz, Rutgers University J. Periaux, Dassault Aviation
P. Schiano, CIRA A. Sugavanam, IBM
M. E. S. Vogels, NLR D. Weaver, Phillips Laboratory

Local Advisory Committee:
Chairman: K. W. Wu, NCHC - C. A. Lin, NTHU
J. Chang, NCHC C. K. Chen, NCKU
K. N. Chiang, NCHC C. C. Chieng, NTHU
F. B. Hsiao, NCKU R. R. Hwang, Academic Sinica
S. T. Lee, NTU T. F. Lin, NCTU
T. M. Liou, NTHU C. S. Wang, CSI
D. L. Young, NTU

Local Organized Committee:
Chairmen: W. F. Tsai, NCHC; C. A. Lin, NTHU
J. K. Lee, NCHC T. Y. Lee, NCHC
W. W. Lin, NTHU C. Y. Shen, NCHC
W. H. Sheu, NTU R. J. Shih, NCHC
J. H. Tsai, NCHC J. Y. Yang, NTU
T. J. Yeh, CWB

Local Working Group:
Chairmen: W. F. Tsai, NCHC; C. A. Lin, NTHU
D. S. Chan, NCHC W. T. Chiang, NCHC
M. H. Chung, NCHC C. C. Kuo, NCHC
S. J. Lee, NCHC S. J. Liang, NCHC
F. P. Lin, NCHC S. C. Lin, NCHC
Y. Y., Niu, CHEC M. H. Tseng, NCHC

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